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In order to benefit the most from this site, we suggest you are logged in to TriDeci using the same browser as you read through the pages here. This way, when you click on a link, it will take you to the proper page without having to log in. It seems like a lot of reading here, but it is presented in very simple steps. When you are done, you should have much more knowledge of how TriDeci works, and will be able to get started earning money with ease.

The History Of TriDeci

Trideci was launched on February 11, 2013 by Sean Kelly. He is a trusted Internet Marketer from New Zealand and has been in this business for several years. Some are of the opinion that he is brilliant when it comes to designing his own scripts, as he has done with TriDeci. As of this writing, 24432 members have joined, and hundreds are coming in every day.

Your FREE Trial DC (Daily Commission) Unit

If you joined before March 6th, you will see two links on your members page (one in the gold box, and one in a green box) which say
. Click on one of them.

If you joined after March 6th, your Free Trial DC Unit was added to your account automatically when you joined. After logging in, you can click on INCOME CENTER, then on DAILY COMMISSION UNITS. Or click HERE. (Be sure you are logged in to Trideci) You will see it listed there, and you can go ahead and surf your 10 sites every day, and earn on it. Just click in the yellow box on your members home page, and take about 2 minutes to surf. You will see cash in your account immediately afterward! If you upgrade even at the lowest level ($9.99) you will earn 1.5% daily for 100 days, rather than 1% daily for 150 days on this DC Unit, and any others you purchase. So, if you are not active in TriDeci yet, this is a great way for you to see how it works at no initial cost!

No Cash? You Can Start Earning NOW!

YES! You can earn at TriDeci even if you haven't upgraded, or purchased any DC Units or Cyclers! You will earn 33% Fast Start Bonuses from every direct referral who upgrades to ACTIVE Level, even as a FREE member! So, if a referral upgrades at the 9.99 Level - You earn $3.33 instantly!

PLUS: If you upgrade to any of the other levels, you will earn the following, as long as you are upgraded to the equivalent level or above.
A direct referral upgrades to:
29.99 Level - You earn $10.00
99.99 Level - You earn 33.33
$299.99 Level - You earn $100
$999.99 Level - You Earn $333.33 !!

These amounts are instantly added to your account, and can help you get a jump start in TriDeci. Some members including myself are building up an income of hundreds per day...I started with $10 Commission! You will find a great sample ad you may use, on the Promotion page of this site!
Also, you will find some great FREE Advertising Resources HERE.

Your Residual Matrix - Make Sure You Check It!

Did you know that you might already have members in your Residual Matrix, even if you have done NOTHING with your membership?! The longer you are a member, the more chance you will have folks in there! These members are provided by your upline automatically, and if you upgrade to even the lowest level ($9.99) you will earn from all the financial activity of these members (depending on your upgrade level).

To find out, once logged in, click on INCOME CENTER at the top, then on RESIDUAL MATRIX. Or Click HERE. Then look at your PER LEVEL COUNTS. If you have any numbers there, then you could be earning on those members activity by upgrading. Don't miss out!

Social Links

We have a BRAND NEW skype room - TriDeci Beach Room!  If you would like to participate there, add TriDeci member, Cathy Evans.
My Skype ID is cathyevans62. You MUST say you are from TriDeci in your contact request.

Also, you are welcome to join the Trideci official Facebook group! There are lots of great people there. No link posting.

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